Rockford Township Clerk Candidate Eli Nicolosi

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Eli Nicolosi came to me for a video for his official election website!

On Tuesday April 9th, 2013, Eli will be running for the position of Rockford Township Clerk

Eli’s idea is to use his expertise in web design to create a technology driven approach to the Township Clerk’s office. If elected to office, he will bring to the office the following technology implements to make government more transparent to the citizen. 

  • Volunteer to create a brand new website  – easy to search for information and at no cost to the taxpayer
  • Integrate other technology for the people to better access Township records.
  • Blog after each meeting and use social media to better connect and interact with the people of Rockford Township.

Take a look around his sight at to learn more about his ideals, and why he am running for Rockford Township Clerk.  Also be sure to drop him a line and let Eli know what you think.

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