When you watch your wedding video, you will think about the relationships with your new spouse and with those you invited to celebrate with you. While some things on a wedding day are standard like the serving of cake, what makes your wedding unique is often what you’re told by those closest to you. It’s why I put so much emphasis on the statements made in the toasts and ceremony   I was never a fan of 2-hour long reception videos that looked like security camera footage. This is what most videographers delivered when I started shooting weddings. Their videos started with hearts floating across the screen and slow motion effects that showed a kiss for 30 seconds at a time. Instead I present you with a video that is shorter, well edited and presented in a powerful and entertaining way that you will want to share with everybody.

Wedding Video and Wedding Films

This is not your uncle’s video. A nicely edited presentation of your wedding.

  • highlights edited more like a movie trailer
  • mulitple high def. cameras for better angles
  • wireless mics direct audio feeds for clarity
  • dance floor lighting to keep the focus on you leaving the rest of the room in ambience
  • steady cams and sliders for a smooth look
  • 45-75 minute edit of your ceremony and reception.
  • extended pauses edited out
  • the best way to remember your vows and toasts.

$700 Nuptials

  • Up to 90 minutes at your ceremony location with a documentary edit from the seating of the parents to the releasing of your guests.

$1300 Celebration

  • Up to 8 hours at your wedding with a documentary edit from the seating of the parents to the dancing of your guests.

Highlight add on

  • 3-4 minutes with one voice $300. (Pastor, Toast, Vows)
  • 7-10 minutes with multiple voices. $500
  • Same day video loop at the reception
  • 5-9 minute movie style highlight.
  • 3rd crew member.


Jimmy and Whitney were married at St. Peters Catholic Church. This is an example of a $1500 package with one persons voice over used in the highlight.

Eric and Anne were married at Anderson Japanese Gardens. This is an example of a $1900 package with multiple voice overs from every person who had a speaking role. The edit style is time shifted meaning that it doesn’t go in chronological order. But with that the climax of the day is the first kiss and that is what the film ends on. The birds chirping were not recorded that day but added to the soundtrack later for improved effect.

Wedding days never go entirely smoothly. From little loops to big clouds there is always something that can make life interesting. But Stephen and Sarah were able to come through all that and joined their life together. Their wedding was held at Prairie Street Brewhouse and the Reception was at Franchescoes, This is an example of a full ceremony and reception with a same day edit. On Monday then I re-edited the same day edit to include reception highlights.

Kaylee and Austin were married at First Presbyterian Church in Belvidere with a reception to follow at Giovonis in Rockford. This was my first video with a time shifted edit. For example instead of going in chronological order, you will see the matron of honor giving a toast and talking about their friendship while the video shows the 2 of them dancing.

The 2 of them met in high school and 11 years later they are tying the knot. From puppy love to maturity they have found that they want to grow together in all stages of their life. This is an example of an engagement love story.

As students walked across stage to receive their diploma. We heard stories of how some would continue off to college and some into a career in the military. Parents pre-ordered the video of the full ceremony and received them in the mail in time for graduation parties.

Commercial video is quoted on a per project basis. Variables can include script writing, and locations used. This political web commercial was filmed in studio on 2 cameras and represents the lowest involvement feasible.

This is one of thirty-five instructional videos produced for a local online HVAC supplier. The videos were shot and edited for customer viewing on their website.

A sample of a training video produced for Dental Anesthesia Online. We shot this with two cameras in a hotel hospitality suite using our Interview Lighting Kit. The kit consists of three-point lighting and a LowelLite with a red gel shining through a cookaloris to break up the background.