Winnebago Preschool kids enjoy thier visit.

Winnebago Preschool kids enjoy their visit with Santa

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Saturday morning I loaded my van. It felt as full as the red mans sleigh. Awaiting me in Winnebago was a gym full of familys. They had all come to see Santa and a variety of other craft vendors. The reaction of the kids was priceless. Some of the younger cried as moms tried to give them over to the bearded man. Some of the older kids just looked at the parents as if to say. “I’m only doing this for my little sisters sake.” The funnest kids were the ones who came to see Santa twice! Somehow they had won the raffle and had to do show Santa that one of their favorite items didn’t need to be on the list. As my kids are now getting a little old for Santa, it was fun to see the little ones who still enjoy him. Winnebago Preschool kids enjoy their visit.

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